Friday, February 6, 2009

Verghese's Fictional Debut

In 1993, a memoir was published by a young man about his work with AIDS patients in the Smokey Mountains in the 1980s. The writer, an Indian doctor who became by necessity an expert in AIDS treatment, wrote so eloquently about his work and with such compassion for his patients that his book, My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story became a word-of-mouth bestseller. Since then, he has written one other memoir and several shorter pieces for The New Yorker, and in the publishing/bookselling world, there have been rumors over the years of a novel in the works. We are pleased to announce that after such a long time Dr. Abraham Verghese’s incredibly rich and compelling novel, Cutting for Stone, has just arrived in the store. It’s a story about the bond between twin brothers, a book about medicine, a meditation on family, and a tale of grace. It’s a book that reminds us how important and enjoyable it is to read really good writing. We cannot say it better than Meredith Allison of Brazos Bookstore in Houston: “…this is a book you will have to share with others, if you can bear parting with your copy.”

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