Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thinking about Your Garden??

Doesn't all this fantastic weather make you want to get out in your yard and get things in shape? Ok, me neither. Then again, I wouldn't know my way around my garden even if I woke up one morning with two bright green thumbs. But I know that many of you do know your way around the garden, and the sunshine and blue skies we've been blessed with this week must be getting those gardening wheels spinning. (Do gardens have wheels, and can they spin?? I think they have wheelbarrows....)

In gleeful anticipation of spring's arrival (no matter what that darned groundhog thinks), we've recently expanded our gardening section and have some wonderful books to guide you in the garden, both gardening classics and new books, to educate and inspire you as you make your gardening dreams come true. Big yard, small yard, shade or sun, flowers or veggies, and even chickens -- we've got you covered!

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