Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Howie Kazowie and the Chirpy Toy

Enough about books, let's talk about CATS!! Here's a little (really, it's MUCH shorter than my other kitty video) clip of Howie chasing after the chirpy toy that Roberta bought for him at Furever Pets. I know Roberta is more of a dog person, but believe me she still has a soft spot in her heart for the kitties. She brought Howie and Sam a bag full of wonderful welcome-to-your-new-home cat toys, but the chirpy toy is by far their favorite. I don't know where Howie gets his need to burrow, but burrow he does -- under blankets, under pillows, under newspapers, and, as you can see here, under boxes. We were thinking maybe he was an otter in a previous life, but now I'm thinking maybe a meerkat.

This morning Howie finally learned the joys of the fireplace ("Hey, this thing puts out heat!"). Sam had already caught on to it and had enjoyed several peaceful mornings stretched out in front of the fireplace until his bones were rubber. But no more. Now he has to share the space with his little brother, who can enjoy it for about one minute before he has to sit on his brother's head and initiate a little wrassling. Poor Sam.


  1. Oh my god. How did you ever live a full life without these two in your life?

  2. This video is great smile therapy for a bad day.


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