Monday, May 3, 2010

New Series from Rick Riordan!

Tomorrow is a big day for fans of Rick Riordan. The first book -- The Red Pyramid -- in his new series The Kane Chronicles officially goes on sale. Riordan, author of the wildly popular series about Greek gods and the offspring of their matings with mortals (Percy Jackson and the Olympians), now tackles a new series about the gods of Ancient Egypt. Told in alternating chapters by siblings Carter and Sadie Kane, The  Kane Chronicles looks to give us more of what we loved best about the Percy Jackson series: fascinating history lessons seamlessly wrapped in rip-roaring adventures, offering us nonstop action, humor, and suspense in an epic tale of loyalty and heroism. I loved all of the Percy Jackson books, from the first book (The Lightning Thief) through the last (The Last Olympian), and I'm stoked for this new series! We can start selling The Red Pyramid starting at 10 am Tuesday morning. See you tomorrow!

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