Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sandra Dorr to Read New Poems

We invite you to join us Wednesday, July 7, at 7 pm to hear Sandra Dorr read from her new collection of poetry, Desert Water (Lithic Press). Sandra has encouraged and inspired writers for 25 years, as a passion and a calling. She worked as an editor and writer in New York in the 1980s before moving to Colorado, where she completed an MA in creative writing and began teaching at universities in the West: Lewis & Clark College, Linfield College, Portland State University, Pacific College, and the University of Wyoming. In the 1990s Sandra directed the writing program at WSU-Vancouver.

She has been an NPR commentator and has written two books on women's health and travel. Her short stories, essays, and poems have appeared in Ms, the Denver Post, Open Spaces, American Fiction, and other journals. She also leads wilderness writing workshops each year. Sandra lives with her husband and children in western Colorado in a house they built on the edge of canyon wilderness. She is currently at work on a novel, Girl in the Sea.

Desert Water was several years in the making and includes several different forms. /She considers her new collection as “rhythmical meditations on living in the desert": “I like the Buddhist idea that everything that has ever happened up to now, everything that exists, is contained in this moment. Then it falls away, and there's another moment. A poem is whole, in that way; in its stillness, it contains everything.” She  also notes that "a poem doesn't happen all in one moment....You can get an image, some lines, language, and then you have to wait for it."

Please join us!


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