Monday, February 28, 2011

Newest from Chelsea Cain

Did you see Jeff Baker's article on Chelsea Cain and her writing process in Sunday's Oregonian? It was the first in an occasional series of articles he'll be doing, looking into the "hows and whys of writing." Good stuff! And good timing too, because the newest book in Cain's Portland-based series goes on sale tomorrow. In The Night Season, Portland detective Archie Sheridan and Oregonian reporter Susan Ward both return, but they are hunting a different serial killer, as Gretchen Lowell, the evil beauty of Cain's first three books (Heartsick, Sweetheart, and Evil at Heart), is in jail...for now. While I'm not a big reader of thrillers, I'm really enjoying this series because she marries chilly dread with irreverent humor, so the menacing mood isn't nonstop. I'm looking forward to reading her newest one.

In his article, Baker noted that January Jones (who plays Betty Draper on the AMC series "Mad Men") has taken an option on Cain's series because she's interested in playing Gretchen Lowell. I think she could pull it off; she can be pretty creepy. He also mentioned that Cain is thinking about starting another Portland-based series -- happy news for all of us!

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