Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bondi: My New Favorite Helper

Whenever I use my cell phone in my car -- infrequently, because I think it's better to stay focused as I'm swearing at the other drivers -- I always use my bluetooth, because I want to be sure I'm within the rules of the law. My bluetooth (I call her Phyllis) tends to be a bit controlling and bossy, but other than that we get along well.

The problem I was having, however, was what to do with my phone. If I held it on my lap it would invariably slide off on to the floor, which isn't safe. And if I put it on the seat next to me it also slid around, often falling between the passenger seat and the far door, clearly out of reach. I often have a coffee mug and bottle of water in my cup holders, so that rules them out as cell phone holders. But then, Bondi came into my life.

Bondi -- mine is blue, but Bondi comes in many colors -- hangs from my rear-view mirror and holds my phone for me. It's out of the way, so I can stay focused on the road, but I can also easily see the screen for incoming calls (because Phyllis sometimes declines to announce the name of the caller, for whatever reason), while keeping my eyes facing up and forward. And now my phone doesn't slide down into that space between the driver's seat and the console, which always used to bug me.

I love my Bondi so much that I wanted to be able to share the experience with our customers, so we now have it for sale at the store. Bondi is $15 and comes in a variety of colors, including green, orange, purple, yellow, white, and black. And it's not just about using your cell phone in your car. Bondi's arms move, and the "head" twists and turns however you need it to be.You can use it to hold your iPod, or a memo pad. You can hang it on the charger plug in the wall as your phone is charging, or on the side of your computer screen. I have an extra one that I hang on an AC cord in my back room so I can easily find my phone while it's charging. You can even use it to pull back a curtain or hold a book open. Believe me, Bondi will become your new best friend -- friends, I should say, because you'll want more than one!

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