Friday, November 23, 2012

An Awesome eReader for Only $50 - Are You Kidding me?

Hey, friends. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! On this rainy day after, it might be just the day for reading a good book. Don't have one? Well....I think we can help you out on that score. So many great new books out right now, truly an embarrassment of riches.

Everyone knows by now that we are big fans of ink-on-paper books  -- they just can't be beat for convenience (no batteries or chargers, easy page-turns, and that wonderful printed book smell). But we also realize that sometimes an eReader can be practical.

For those of you thinking about dipping your toe in the eReader water, or for those who have already jumped in and who are looking for a small reader you can carry in your pocket, we've got just the thing for you: Today and tomorrow only (11/23 & 24), we have the Kobo Mini eReader available for only $49.99, while supplies last -- a $30 saving off the regular $79.99 price.

The Mini is the world's smallest full-function reader, yet it can hold a thousand books. Through Kobo you have access to nearly three million books, including a million free titles. Best of all, if you read across multiple devices -- sometimes on your iPad or laptop, sometimes on your phone, sometimes on an eReader -- you can sync your books across all of your devices so you always start where you left off. Read more about the Kobo Mini.

Come see us today or tomorrow to grab ones of these little babies before they go away. And as just one more incentive to come see us today, we have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

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