Friday, May 1, 2009

International "Buy Indie" Day

Happy May Day! Besides being May Day, today is also International "Buy Indie" Day, the day everyone is encouraged to go to one of their local independent bookstores and buy at least one book -- paperback, hardback, audiobook, whatever works for you! "Buy Indie" Day was started by Joseph Finder, an author and writer who is tired of seeing his local independent bookstores go out of business.

We'd love to see you at Broadway Books to celebrate "Buy Indie" Day. Roberta is there this morning, and I'll be there this afternoon until 7 pm. Come on down and see us! We both love to talk books, so if you want a recommendation on something to read for yourself, or for a gift, just ask. There are so many incredibly wonderful new books arriving at the store each day this time of year it's hard even for us to keep up -- but we try!. And just like I think we should all try to make Earth Day every day, I'm not opposed to "Buy Indie" Day happening more than once a year. ☺

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