Sunday, May 31, 2009

Drash/Polyglot Reading on Tuesday

On Tuesday night (June 2nd) at 7 pm we welcome local contributors to Drash: Northwest Mosaic. Drash is a Seattle-based Jewish literary journal that strives to viscerally connect with human creativity and the universality of words from many cultures, religious belief systems, and the arts. Scheduled to read tonight are Portland-area contributors Alene Bikle, June Fredman, Ivan Inger, Marilyn Johnston, Akiva David Miller, Ada Molinoff, Sharon Lask Munson, Lois Rosen, Scot Siegel, Michael Schein, Betsy Tighe, Jack Turteltaub and Hilda Welch. Also reading will be Wendy Marcus, Drash editor and author of the recently published book of short stories, Polyglot: Stories of the West's Wet Edge. Marcus is also the music director at Temple Beth Am and the co-founder of the klezmer band The Mazeltons. Polyglot chronicles lives between Vancouver, Washingon, and Vancouver, BC, and draws on the author's experiences in music, journalism, Judaism, and the Pacific Northwest.

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