Monday, June 1, 2009


One of the best parts of my job -- besides talking to all of the interesting customers who frequent Broadway Books -- is opening up boxes of new books from publishers! It's always so exciting -- I want to buy them all! It might be the first day of June, but it feels like Christmas to me!!! Here's a taste of what I opened tonight -- and that will be ready for you to buy tomorrow:

The paperback versions of When I Was Engulfed in Flames, by David Sedaris ("Solutions to Saturday's Puzzle" left me in tears -- the good kind -- but all of the essays are typical-David-hysterical. If you want to know about the cover, click here.), David Guterson's novel The Other (he of Snow Falling on Cedars fame), Me of Little Faith, by the irascible Lewis Black, and The Forever War, by Dexter Filkins, the award-winning account of America's conflict with Islamic fundamentalism, described as an instant classic of war reporting; the latest from local mystery writer Phillip Margolin, The Fugitive, and from Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work; and the fourth installment of The 39 Clues series for kids, Beyond the Grave, by Jude Watson.

I also unwrapped a little treasure from Chronicle Books called A Bloom A Day: A Fortune-Telling Birthday Book, which tells me that my flower is the "Flame" tulip, which is at once flamboyant and delicate. Hmmm. I'm betting most who know me would say I favor one over the other; I'll let you guess. Also a person of "ambiguous and paradoxical behavior" who has a "tendency towards luxury" but seldom spoils myself. Perhaps true now; not so much in the past. My partner is a Colmanara wildcat "Golden Red Star" orchid (wow!), who might find it "hard to resist outbursts of emotion" that usually result in "extravagant displays of love rather than anger." (Whew! And so true.) Also aspires to "luxury and may have difficulty in practicing self-control." Hmm. We might be in trouble. (just kidding, honey....)

I can't wait to see what tomorrow's deliveries bring! Come on down and see for yourself....

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