Friday, June 12, 2009

Hanging with Marc

Jennie and I had a wonderful visit yesterday afternoon with author Marc Fitten, who stopped by for a visit on his combination reading tour/Indie100 Tour of 100 independent bookstores across the country. What a great guy! Marc is the author of the debut novel Valeria's Last Stand, which I've written about here before. And here. You can read about his tour of bookstores at his blog. Marc is on his way to the Oregon Coast today, then over to Sunriver, then moving down south to the Bay Area, hitting independent bookstores along the way.

It was great talking to Marc, because he was able to share lots of interesting ideas that other independent bookstores are implementing in these challenging economic times -- and he sold a copy of his book to the first customer who walked in the store! How about that! We've got a few more signed copies of his terrific novel, so come check it out for yourself.

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  1. A person who supports indie bookstores...that's my kind of guy! Will have to read his book for sure!


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