Monday, October 5, 2009

Tonight's Reading is All About Sharing

We're so excited about tonight's reading at the store at 7: Emily Doskow, co-author of The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money, Simplify Your Life & Build Community. Sure hope you can join us! This morning we had a delightful breakfast at Bridges (we being me, Emily, and Emily's partner Luan). As we were walking home we stopped at another of my favorite neighborhood places, Foster & Dobb's, so I could introduce Luan to one of the owners, who is also named Luan (pronounced "Lou Ann"), because she meets so few Luans who spell their name the same way.

Anyhoots, Luan (Schooler, of Foster & Dobbs) told us that she and the owner of another cheese shop in town shared a cheese wheel, because a whole one was too big for either of them alone -- sharing in action! As a small bookstore, we sometimes would like to buy items for the store but the minimum purchase quantity is too large for us, so we could find another small store that might want to carry the same item, and we could buy the minimum together! These are just a couple of small examples of how sharing can work in the business environment. Emily has lots of ideas about other ways to share that can lead to a more sustainable and economically viable way of living in the world. And, if you really want to make Emily feel welcome, wear any clothing you might have from the San Francisco Giants. See you at 7!

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