Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wild and Crazy Things...

As I'm sure you're all aware, literary superstar, Dave Eggers (author of What Is the What and Zeitoun among other gems) has penned both a screenplay and a novelization of the classic childrens' book, Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. When I first heard that Where the Wild Things Are was going to be a motion picture, I have to admit I felt torn--my purist tendencies often cloud my judgment when it comes to adaptations of my favorite books (I had a pretty violent reaction to the idea of Harry Potter movies but have since given up fighting that behemoth...). Truth is, though, I had a pretty quick change of heart when I heard that Eggers was in charge of the project and that Maurice Sendak had given his stamp of approval. After all, if the author of one of the most spectacularly amazing childrens' books ever written in the history of the world thought Eggers could handle the challenge, who was I to question it? Then I saw a preview of the movie in the theater and now I'm chomping at the bit for it's imminent release (it comes out Oct. 16th).

Needless to say, when the novel The Wild Things, published by McSweeney's, arrived at the store yesterday I experienced some pretty severe heart palpitations. It's a beautiful little hardcover book on the cover of which Max's silhouette is set against a jungle-patterned background. I've only had a chance to read a few pages so far, but already I can tell it's going to be a grand adventure. I'm looking forward to experiencing Eggers' interpretation of Max as a fleshed out, slightly troubled little boy who goes in search of someone or something that will understand and accept the wildness within him. What will the wild rumpus look like? Will the wild things speak with human voices? What will they say? I can't wait to find out...

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