Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Videos from BB Events are Up!

Recently I've been busy catching up with editing and posting videos from events at the store this summer. You'll find a whole bunch of new videos of several wonderful events, which you can access through our YouTube channel, the events page on our website, or at our Facebook page -- whatever works for you!

I've also had the "pleasure" of editing a video in which I appear. There are few things less pleasant than watching yourself on video. What's even worse than when I'm talking in the video (hard to imagine that there could be something worse) is when I'm in the background when Roberta or Kate is talking. I'm always futzing with my hair or making screwy faces. What's up with that? And what's worse is that having this knowledge probably won't make me do these things any less. Instead, next time I'll probably be standing in the background, listening intently to what someone else is saying and absently mindedly futzing with my hair, and then I'll think jeez, there I go again. But it won't stop. C'est la vie.

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