Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come Join the Oh Hmmm Discussion!

Oregon Humanities wants to kick the conversation up a notch. On all sorts of topics. And all kinds of ideas. Especially the kind that make you go "Oh. Hmmmm." You can participate in the discussion this Thursday night (Sept 23) at 7 at Broadway Books, when we gather to celebrate the summer 2010 issue of Oregon Humanities magazine, which focuses on the theme of "work." (The theme for the fall 2010 issue will be "Ha!")

Joining us this evening will be Kathleen Holt, the magazine's editor (also "word wrangler, straight talker, wry observer," according to her new business cards), along with Bette Husted, M. Allen Cunningham, Dave Weich, and Barry Johnson, who each have essays in the summer issue. Following the readings will be a reception and of course further discussion -- more opportunities to go "Oh. Hmmmm."

The Oregon Council for the Humanities, created in 1971 as part of the National Endowment for the Humanities, is in the middle of a rebranding campaign to make the humanities more accessible and relevant to all Oregonians. Here's a great article from the Oregonian about the campaign. Below is one of the three videos created by the Council to talk about the power of ideas. One of the lines I liked the most from one of the other videos is "even in the most familiar you can find something new." Check out all three! And please join the discussion Thursday night at Broadway Books!

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