Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Book Drive in Honor of Nancy Glass

In October we lost one of our dearest friends and customers. Nancy Glass, known to us and many others as Portland's most voracious, eclectic and engaged reader (she belonged to four reading groups!), died quite unexpectedly after a short illness. We knew her as a customer first, but as a friend best, and we will miss her shining face coming through the door (and her voice on the phone). Nancy was also a patron of the arts (especially the literary ones) and a champion of those in need.

Every year, Broadway Books finds a local school in need and sponsors a book drive to help the library build its collection, and to help teachers buy books for classroom use. This year, in Nancy’s name, we will be raising funds for St. Andrew Nativity School in Northeast Portland.

 Nancy was an early and ardent supporter of this remarkable middle school. She was on their board of trustees and poured her heart and soul into these kids. Here’s some information about the school:

  • St. Andrew Nativity School is the only private, tuition-free middle school serving low-income students in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Their enrollment is about 70 students.
  • The average class size is ten.
  • 53% of the students are African American/African immigrant and 47% are Hispanic.
  • 55% come from single parent families.
  • 45% are non-Catholic.
 The annual cost of educating each student is $15,000, and more than 95% of the funding comes from private sources. Eighth grade students make an average gain of five grade levels in reading, writing, and math skills in their three years at Nativity School and are strongly prepared to enter 9th grade. This past June, 100% of their 2006 alumni graduated from high school. And here’s the kicker: 77% of their graduates are attending college!

 We hope you’ll join us this year to buy books for Nativity School. We have a “want list” from the faculty, so you can pick something they have asked for, or you can choose a book or books on your own. We’ll give you a 20% discount on every book you buy for the school. Or you can donate money (we’ll increase each cash donation by 20%) and let the teachers order what works best for their students.

Let’s give these kids all the support we can! And thank you, Nancy, for showing us the way.


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