Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't Miss Next Week's Book Fun!

Don't you hate it when stores start playing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving even rolls around -- or worse yet, Veterans Day??!! I know I do. There are plenty of days in December for the yuletide musical onslaught. In terms of holiday merchandise, however, it's often our customers urging us to put stuff out early; we've already had people bugging us for boxed holiday cards, so we put them out! (This would never occur to me, since I usually send out my holiday cards -- in the years I actually get it together to do so -- in January or February!) And we've got a table bulging with Hannukah supplies.

Speaking of holiday shopping, don't forget that next week is our ever-popular annual Holiday Book Talk, where we share a little nosh and beverages of an unmentionable sort and talk about books that will make great gifts your friends and family -- or even for you on these wet, dark, gloomy winter days.

The Holiday Book Talk is next Thursday night, November 18th, at 7 pm. Attendance is limited and seats are filling up fast, so reserve your spot soon by stopping by the store to pay your $5 (or call with credit card). The payment is refunded with any purchase you make that night, so essentially the night is free. And usually entertaining -- if only to see how fast we can talk because we're so excited about so many books! Bill Bryson, Oliver Sacks, BOTH Sedaris siblings, Sara Gruen, Nicole Krauss, and more! Plus great books for kids of all ages, gorgeous coffee table gift books and boxed sets, and cookbooks that are as beautiful as the recipes inside are mouthwatering.

We hope you can join us for this once-a-year fun fest! Tell your friends and neighbors -- let's make it a party!

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