Wednesday, December 1, 2010

24 Days of Books Begins Today

Happy December 1st!!! Last year we started the tradition of the Broadway Books 24 Days of Books. Today we launch year two in that series, in which each day between now and Christmas eve we highlight a book (or a few) that we think would make great gifts for whatever holiday you're celebrating this month. Some of them will be ones you've likely heard about in the media; others will be ones that we think might be flying under the radar. We'll try not to write about books we've written about recently in the blog.

If you want to read last year's 24 Days of Books posts, just click on the archive section on the right side of the blog, go to 2009, and then choose December, and you'll find them all there. Many of the books that I wrote about last year have recently come out in paperback, so you could find some good gift ideas there as well.

The books will mostly be targeted for adults, but we will be including some gift ideas for younger readers as well. Enjoy! And, as always, we love your feedback on our suggestions.

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