Monday, December 6, 2010

Check Out this Great New Word Game!

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? We just got a COOL new letter dice game in from the people who brought us Bananagrams!  This new game is called ZIP-IT.  To play this two-person game, players divide twenty-four cubes between them.  Each cube has a letter on each side. Each player makes a grid of words (using any of the letters on the six sides of their cubes). The first one to use all her cubes wins the round.  My favorite part: you keep score by moving a zipper on the pouch that holds the game.  No pencil/paper needed.  Just like Bananagrams, ZIP-IT is amazingly simple and appropriate for use by anyone who can spell just a little bit, so it's a great game for an adult to play with a younger person, or for two children to play together (or two adults).  And it's just the right size to tuck in a backpack or purse.  Or to stuff a stocking! And only $15.00!

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