Friday, January 28, 2011

Gorgeous Local Journals -- Limited Supply

This week we received a small shipment of very, very beautiful journals.  They're hand-bound, using vibrantly colored paper from France, Japan, Italy and Thailand on the covers and buttery, 25% cotton premium bond for the inside pages.

These are "special occasion" journals.  They're not for writing random thoughts or grocery lists or to-do lists.  But we can think of several occasions that call out for just such a beautifully bound volume.  One of them is even designed to be a wedding (or other event) guest book. We have only ten of them, and each one is unique. They are made by Stuart R. Evensen at the Provenance Bindery in Portland.

The bottom line

Small size (5 1/2 x 8) price: $35 each (we have seven)
Large size (9 x 11 1/2) price: $55 each (we have two)
Guest Book (11 x 9 1/2) price: $55 (we have one)

Our goal:

To find the perfect home for each one.

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