Friday, January 28, 2011

We Love Our Ducks!

As the daughter and granddaughter of four Oregon State University grads (although for the grandparents -- one of whom was tutored by Linus Pauling -- it wasn't called that back then), I am the black sheep in the family because I LOVE MY DUCKS!!! Yes, it's true: I'm a web-footed, green-and-yellow clad Duck, through and through. But all Oregonians -- yes, even my parents -- are proud of the year the UO football team put together, representing our state in the national title game and performing well.

To commemorate the magical season, the university's newspaper, the Oregon Daily Emerald, has published a gorgeous 140-page hardbound book with pictures and descriptions of each game in the season, including the last one against Auburn. The book is called Duck Season: Oregon's Magical Flight to the National Game. It's $34.95, and it is a stunner. It even records how many pushups the Duck had to do for each game!

What a much-appreciated gift this would make for the Duck fan in your life. While I will definitely be getting one for myself, I don't think I'll buy one for my folks. Maybe I'll send a copy to my brother and sister-in-law, die-hard Louisiana State fans who will be attending the big first game in Dallas next fall.....

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