Monday, November 14, 2011

Novelists Rae Richen to Read Tonight

We are so excited to welcome our friend and neighbor, Rae Richen, to Broadway Books tonight to read from her recently published novel Uncharted Territory, a coming-of-age novel written for young adults and adults who enjoy a triumph of life over fear. Uncharted Territory is the story of seventeen-year-old Jack Huntington, all-state athlete and accomplished mountain climber. When a climbing accident nearly takes his life, Jack is forced to face his greatest fear. To save his family, Jack must recognize the vast difference between physical and emotional courage.

Writer Molly Gloss calls Uncharted Territory "a remarkable novel, evoking, with fresh insight, the complexity and fragility of families, of relationships, and of life itself." And Larry Brooks says that Rae writes with "a deft touch that penetrates the reader long after the book hits the shelf for the night." Jennie Shortridge says the novel is a great read for teens and parents both -- "especially when shared."

Before becoming a writer, Rae taught French and English literature, music, and history in the public schools. She enjoys hikes and mountain climbs with her family. Rae played violin in the Oregon Chamber Music Society and gave duet concerts with the fine pianist, Carol Kilmer. 

Her short stories, poetry and articles have appeared in anthologies of northwest authors, in pacific northwest newspapers and in Writers’ Northwest Handbook. She recently became president of Oregon Writers Colony, a regional organization supporting writers.

Rae's mom was a drama teacher, a poet, and a Pacifist; her dad was a musician and teacher who became the director of city-wide classes for gifted children. One of her strongest memories from growing up is a lot of humor – "meals together and laughter you wouldn’t believe....We ate together, at least two meals a day, and our parents talked with us about the world, local politics, national politics, the functions or lack of function in the United Nations. They talked about how to work with, and when to stand up to, the bullies on the playground or in our classrooms. They talked about books, theater, music, the death of a pet or a grandparent. No taboo topics at the table except bathroom functions and sex."

We hope you can join us tonight at 7pm to hear Rae read from her new novel.

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