Monday, March 2, 2009

Lincoln Out of Time Reading March 3rd

Tomorrow night -- Tuesday March 3rd -- Tony Wolk will be here at 7 pm to read from the third novel in his "Lincoln Out of Time" trilogy: Lincoln's Daughter. This series is about a time-traveling Abraham Lincoln and the widow who gives birth to his daughter -- in the future. In this final novel, Wolk weaves together the story of Lincoln's life as a young man with the story of a daughter searching for her two fathers -- her stepfather who has traveled back to 1833 and also her birth father. Tony Wolk is a scholar with an avid interest in Lincoln, drawing on fourteen years of Lincoln research to give a historically accurate feel to his imaginative trilogy. He has taught English at Portland State University since 1965. He is also an avid bicyclist. He is often seen in Broadway Books with helmet in hand (or on head), and he has accumulated more than 55,000 miles on his bike. The Lincoln trilogy is published by Portland State's Ooligan Press. We hope to see you tomorrow night! There may be treats -- besides Tony's wonderful reading......

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