Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Got 'Em, So Come on In!!

Albina Book & Citadel of the Spirit

Recent newspaper reports indicated that Citadel of the Spirit is completely sold out -- not true! We still have a handful of copies left, but I'm sure they won't last long. For sure they will be gone by the end of the evening next Tuesday, the 24th, when the editor of the Oregon sesquicentennial anthology, Matt Love, will be speaking at the store along with two local authors represented in the anthology, Monica Drake (author of Clown Girl) and Cheryl Strayed (author of Torch). The festivities will begin at 7 pm. We hope you will join us! Come early for a good seat.

Another book that has been hard to get recently is The History of Albina, by Roy Roos, which tells a detailed history of historic architecture in neighborhoods in North and Northeast Portland. Not to worry! We have recently received more copies of this book. Roy's first book, The History and Development of Portland's Irvington Neighborhood, published in 1997, has long been out of print, with used copies rare and highly coveted, so don't miss your chance to nab a copy of this book before it's in the same position.

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