Monday, March 30, 2009

Living the Healthy Life

How great was it seeing our new First Lady putting shovel to ground to help break ground for the White House's first full-fledged vegetable garden since the victory garden Eleanor Roosevelt planted during WWII?!? "Let's hear it for vegetables," she said. Let's hear it for fruits." On March 20th, Michelle Obama, along with about two dozen fifth graders from a near-by elementary school, prepared the soil for planting. Obama has spoken often about the importance of nutritious eating, so taking this step was important for her -- both as a symbol for the nation and to encourage her own young daughters to eat more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

The 1100-square-foot plot will produce a variety of fruits and vegetables that will help feed the Obamas, as well as guests at official functions. The entire first family -- including the president -- will be expected to pull weeds and harvest crops. And, in case you were wondering, President John Adams planted the first garden in 1800.

If you want to show your solidarity -- and commitment to health and sustainability -- by planting your own fruits and vegetables but need a little guidance, we've got lots of books to help you along your way. Come check out our gardening section -- and if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask; we can probably order it for you lickety-split.

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