Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Publisher Walks Its Talk

Change the World for Ten Bucks, published by Chronicle Books, has recently arrived in the store. The premise of the book is this: small actions x lots of people = BIG CHANGE. The book is written by We Are What We Do, a UK-based global social change movement: "Our aim is to bring people together and demonstrate how, using simple, everyday actions, we can create a global movement of doing and changing: doing small actions and changing big problems." Some ideas from the book:

  • Decline plastic bags whenever possible

  • Plant something

  • Take a bath with someone you love

  • Shop locally

  • Write to someone who inspired you

  • Register online as an organ donor

  • Spend time with someone of a different generation

These are just a few of the many, simple ideas in the book. Simple yes, but if everyone were to implement them they could lead to BIG -- and positive -- changes in the world.

In support of the ideas behind the book, the publisher is encouraging all of its employees to take a paid day off on Friday, May 1, to volunteer to make positive changes in the community -- volunteering at the San Francisco Public Library, the San Francisco Zoo, or other non-profit organizations. The publisher has also launched a website in support of the book.

Hmmmm. What small steps can we each take? Come get a copy of this book to get some ideas!

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