Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sports Means Spring

Golf's prestigious Masters Tournament is currently under way in Agusta, Georgia this weekend, the first of the Majors each year. This, along with the official beginning of the MLB season, is a good indication -- no matter what Portland's weather -- that spring has at least landed somewhere.

Other news in the sports world, one that hits a little closer to home, the Blazers have been on a roll lately with a playoff position secured and a good chance at home court advantage.

All this has reminded me of the oft-forgotten sports section in Broadway Books. I found a great title for the Golf enthusiast: Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die by Chris Santella. Augusta is not one of the fifty -- perhaps too elite and too stuffy to really matter to most golfers, perhaps left off for other reasons -- but there are some great photos and great perspectives from plenty of Golfing Greats. Mark O'Meara tees off the book with a foreword.

Another book that we carry is one my father gave to me a few years ago and was an easy source of enjoyment: The Yogi Book by Yogi Berra. Full of his classic sayings, Berra was a great baseball player, a great coach, and an hero of a whole generation of baseball fans. He was well-known for quotes like, "90% of the game is half mental," and one of my favorites, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it," but he has plenty more. It's a great coffee table book.

So, sports fans, don't forget to check out the sports section while in the store. Of course, we can order a missing sports book and all books at no cost to you. And Go Blazers!


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