Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulder...

While our resident blogger, Sally, is yukking it up at the beach this weekend (love ya, Sal!), I am stuck indoors on this amazingly beautiful, sunny day, staring longingly at the passersby on Broadway. But, fair blog readers, weep not for me yet--there are far more unpleasant ways to spend a lazy Sunday than chatting with customers about good reads at Broadway Books.

Speaking of which, here is my latest graphic novel pick: Bottomless Belly Button by Dash Shaw. This hefty sized tome is the story of Maggie and David Loony, who are getting a divorce after 40 years of marriage. Their children, now grown, deal with the news in varying ways. Dennis, the oldest, takes the news the hardest, moving from anger to denial to eventual acceptance. Claire, the middle daughter, is more realistic, having experienced her own divorce and single-motherhood, and Peter, the 26-year-old slacker baby of the family just wants to get laid. Shaw tackles the subject and his characters' emotions masterfully, and the book is both movingly simple and painfully complex. I'll admit it...I totally cried at the the store...again. It's the perfect read for a warm, sunny day. Or a cold, cloudy day. Or even an "Ooohh, look, the sun! No, wait, it's gone...wait! There it is again... oh, no, it's gone again" kind of day.

P.S. Anyone who feels like coming down and visiting me at the store today gets a free cookie.

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