Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Convenient...

...when your local independent bookstore has just the book you're looking for. Lately everyone's been looking for An Inconvenient Trout, by Jack Ohman, and Broadway Books has it! This long-awaited sequel to Fear of Fly Fishing delves into such weighty matters as fishing partners, Eastern versus Western anglers, and fly fishing versus golf (that ought to ruffle some feathers!). Whether you're a veteran of fly fishing, are new to the sport, or are merely looking for a good laugh, this book ought to do the trick! Jack Ohman is one of the most widely syndicated political cartoonists in the United States, with his work appearing in 300 newspapers. Since 1983 he has been the editorial cartoonist for The Oregonian. Best of all -- for us -- he lives right here in Portland. Come get your copy today before they run out!

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