Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We know many of you are waiting anxiously for our UPS shipment of many many books to arrive. Believe me, we are too! In fact, several times yesterday Roberta went outside to do her PleaseComeUPS Dance, but all we got was more snow. (I'm thinking she got the choreography mixed up.) After spending hours on the phone and on-line yesterday and today, this is the most current information we have: the boxes are on a truck scheduled for delivery today at the store, weather/roads/traffic permitting, but no timetable available. I realize that's not particularly helpful. However, we have a tentative solution to offer all of you who are eager to get your gifts wrapped and under the tree or delivered or whatever it is you wish to do with them. Give us a call at the store (503-284-1726) or stop by and we can talk. We apologize for the extra stress at this already stressful time of year, but we're all -- UPS included -- doing the best we can in this most unusual "weather event" (as the TV commentators like to call it, when they're not giving it a clever movie-title-like name). And if the truck does arrive today, we will post the happy news on the blog.

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