Saturday, December 20, 2008

Olivia Rocks!

I can't believe we still have any of these left in the store, but we do have just one. And what a perfect gift it would make some lucky kid -- no matter the age. Olivia: The Gift Set Collection includes the original, classic, Caldicott-Honor-winning hardcover picture book, a collectible (if you collect that type of thing) mini hardcover of Olivia...and the Missing Toy, and -- this is the clincher -- a CD recording of Olivia read by Dame Edna Everage! How can you pass up a treat like this! Only $29.95 for the whole set. As a side note, for you Latin buffs we also have the original Olivia in Latin! a 26-episode series of "Olivia" will launch on Nickelodeon on January 26.

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