Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scanimation -- Ooooh!

Last year one of the biggest hits at our store was Gallop!, a book of "scanimation" by Rufus Butler Seder -- we could hardly keep it on our shelves! This year, Mr. Seder has followed up that collection of animals in movement with Swing!, a scanimation book of people in movement. Watch kids swing the baseball bat and ice skate and play soccer and more. We also have customizable Gallop greeting cards by the box -- 8 cards with eagles soaring, cats leaping, and dogs and horses running. We have all three items in stock! They make great gifts for kids of all ages. Mr. Seder is the inventor of Lifetiles -- glass-tiled murals that appear to come to life when the viewer walks by -- which have been installed at the Smithsonian, Sea World and many other locations.

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