Friday, December 12, 2008

Question du Jour

When movies are made based on novels, the publisher often brings out the book in a new edition called a movie-tie-in version, or "MTI." Which do you prefer? Original covers or MTIs? Here are a couple of examples for you. This first one is one of my favorites, Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates. Yates has been one of my favorite authors, so I'm happy to see his books garner more attention, but I could do without Kate and Leonardo on the cover -- although both just received Golden Globe nominations for their performances, so I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. Rumor has it these two were in another movie that did fairly well...

The movie won't be out until the day after Christmas, so you have time to read whichever version of the book you prefer. Like most of his books, it's about dashed dreams, disillusionment, suburbia gone bad, betrayal, and all those other heartwarming holiday sentiments. I heartily recommend this book and any of Yates' books. They're great reads, and he deserves a wider audience.

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