Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking for a Great Deal????

We just received a new shipment of sale books, and our shelves are bursting with great bargains! We only have a couple of each, so hurry in to check out the selection. There are fabulous deals to be had -- cookbooks, art books, gardening books, birding books, children's books, and plenty of good fiction and non-fiction. Grab yourself a copy of Richard Ford's novel The Lay of the Land in hardback for only $6.50, or Daniel Mendelsohn's The Lost for only $7.50. If you're a doggie fan, snatch up a collection of classic dog literature -- Best Dog Stories -- for only $4.50. A biography of Harper Lee, Boris Akunin's mysteries, a book on the history of woodcraft -- all kinds of treasures to be found. But don't delay or you might miss out on your favorites. We've also got some great new music collections at fabulous prices.

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