Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Yes, it's that day we've all been waiting for: the day when Peter Fogdtal comes to Broadway Books to read from The Tsar's Dwarf!! We've been waiting so long for this day to get here -- eight long years! No, wait a minute; wrong event. It's the inauguration tomorrow that we've been waiting for for eight long oh-so-very-long years. I knew there was something else going on tomorrow besides the reading....But really, how about after whooping it up all day celebrating Barack Obama's inauguration, when you're feeling all warm and fuzzy and cheerful and full of hope, come to Broadway Books to continue that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Our night with Peter is sure to be fun and entertaining. Sure, he's written a well-received book about a Danish dwarf living in 18th Century Russia, along with eleven other novels in Danish. But he's also a bit of a hoot. He lives part of the year in Copenhagen and part of the year in Portland. When in Portland he teaches at PSU. This term he is teaching a course he developed called European Comedy and Satire. According to his blog, "I often cry myself to sleep when students refuse to take my classes. I mean, why does everbody want to become doctors, lawyers, and nail technicians, when they can take meaningless courses from me?" He points out that there are about 25,000 students at PSU, which means about 24,990 have chosen not to take his class this quarter. Bummer.

He also has this to say about Portland: "Portland is the most trendy city in the US. At least it was trendy before I came. Now I'm not so sure." And this: "Portland is known as being a hotbed for liberals, lesbians, and environmentalists with acne, so you don't find many fan clubs for Dick Cheney here. Portland has a European feel as well. You can actually ride your bike in the city without getting slaughtered."

Now who can resist an evening with Peter Fogdtal as a perfect cap to an exquisite day of celebration? We hope you'll join us at 7 pm Tuesday night to hear Peter read from The Tsar's Dwarf and talk about whatever else is on his mind.

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