Thursday, January 15, 2009

Where to Go When in the Great Northwest

Wouldn't it be great if you could know exactly where and when to go if you want to see migrating whales, nesting puffins, soaring raptors, tidepool treasures, frozen waterfalls, nesting great blue herons, wintering waterfowl, blooming mountain wildflowers, and more great experiences of the natural world of the Pacific Northwest? Well, now you can! Just published by Timber Press is The Northwest Nature Guide: Where to Go and What to See Month by Month in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, by James Luther Davis. The book presents 150 best bets for wildlife adventures throughout the Northwest and even in your own backyard! With contagious enthusiasm and laugh-out-loud humor, popular Oregon naturalist Davis gets you where you need to go to see nature at its peak every month of the year. As the author says in his introduction: "Ahh, another day in paradise. If you've lived in the Pacific Northwest for long you've probably figured out that you reside in one of the greatest places on Earth. Yet, like urbanites in any developed country, we Northwesterners spend so much of our time in environments of our own creation and on schedules of our own design that we are out of touch with the natural world and its rhythms." This book is the cure for that, enabling you to have "outdoor adventures that leave you feeling revitalized and inspired, with a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation for nature. You may even have some experiences that can best be described as spiritual." What are you waiting for? There's no better way to push through the winter doldrums than to explore the natural treasures of the Northwest.

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